SambApp 2.0 is here!

SambApp is a Brazilian rhythm metronome, including samba, choro, forró, and capoeira. It’s like having one or two percussionists playing for you at exactly at the speed, volume and in the style you want. This app is a tool for music or dance practice and performance, just like any other metronome. But it is much more productive and pleasurable to practice forró or samba-choro with an instrument as opposed to a metronome click. SambApp also functions as a drum machine that can be used in live settings. If you are lacking an extra percussion instrument or musician, SambApp can step in as your your pandeiro, shaker, and/or berimbau player. The app provides a steady beat just like any other metronome, but it adds a more fun and dynamic component with the sound of Brazilian percussion instruments: pandeiro, shaker, triangle, and berimbau.

Options include:
  • Pandeiro Baião (Forró)
  • Pandeiro Capoeira
  • Pandeiro Partido Alto
  • Pandeiro Samba
  • Pandeiro Samba Choro
  • Shaker
  • Triangle
  • Berimbau Angola
  • Berimbau Regional
  • Berimbau São Bento Grande de Angola
  • Metronome/Beep

Tempo range: 50-130 BPM

Use the ‘Save’ function to save and access often-used settings.

For best results, use an amp or external speakers to hear the high quality recordings.

Attention: Capoeira rhythm names and patterns may vary from your definitions. Please watch the video below to hear examples.

Price: $2.99 on the App Store and on Google Play